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About us

We create deliciously daring foods powered by the most nutritious and sustainable food source available: edible insects. 

We also offer food workshops and lectures on topics related to edible insects, climate change, food security and entrepreneurship. 

We are inspired by the 2 billion people around the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America, who have rich cultures and traditions of eating insects and who see insects as a delicacy. 

Apart from being exceptionally nutritious and delicious, insects also offer a viable solution to tackling climate change. Insects are far more efficient at converting feed and water into protein than chicken, pigs or cattle, they are free from pesticides and antibiotics and they take up very little space. 

Contact us via the contact form at the top of the page if you would like to know more. 

The team

Jessica Buhl-Nielsen, Co-founder.jpg

Jessica Rose Buhl-Nielsen

Co-founder and Business Strategist

Social and green entrepreneur, Jessica is passionate about addressing global issues through attractive business solutions. Previous co-founder of Carcel, an award-winning social start-up. Has spent the past five years studying, volunteering and working for UN Women in Central and Latin America. B.Sc. Business, CBS and MA Gender and Development, University of Sussex. 

Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir - Co-founder.jpg

Malena Sigurgeirsdóttir

Co-founder and Head of Product and Innovation

Malena has devoted her efforts investigating sustainable agriculture and food security for five years at Copenhagen and Cornell University. She spent a year in East Africa researching the nutritional benefits of eating insects and its impact on livelihoods. B.Sc. in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics and M.Sc. Agricultural Development. 


Maria Green - Grafisk Designer.jpg

Maria Green

Head of Creatives & Partner

Maria is the creative force behind the brand. She is equally enthusiastic about edible insects and future foods. In previous work Maria has worked with making aesthetic and appetizing solutions for food brands. 

Cand. des. from KADK

Our story

Our journey began when the insect-expert on the team, Malena, cooked up a risotto with wox moth larvae for our first dinner together. 

It wasn't love at first sight for Jessica, coming from a social fashion start up, but the overwhelming arguments in favour of eating insects provided all the courage needed to take the first bite. And it turned out to be delicious. 

We agreed that if we want to make this future food a reality, we have to present it in a more appetising manner. So we began experimenting with insect flour, a tasty and nutritiously dense light powder without the visible legs and wings. 

Together with Maria Green, graphic designer and equally enthusiastic bug-eater, we developed a daring yet appealing identity to spur up curiosity and create awareness without scaring people away. 

We are passionate about creating delicious and nutritious products with insects in order to expand gastronomic horizons and protect the environment. 

Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København V, Danmark.       I          CVR: 38178350          I           M: